Quality Improvement

The QI Program encompasses identification of opportunities for improvement, analysis of available data sources, prioritization of interventions for maximum impact in an efficient manner, measuring the effectiveness of interventions and activities, and when possible changing methodologies on the fly if interventions don't seem to be working as well as desired.  Program intentions and goals are assessed and revised at least annually.  Our QI Goals are established by the Network's contract with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, refined by scrutiny of all available data on facility performance, then reviewed for approval by the Network's Medical Review Board.

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  • The Network's Clinical Goals
  • QI LAN Projects
  • The Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement (QAPI) Process
  • The Network's current Quality Improvement Work Plan
  • QI Toolkits from the Forum of ESRD Networks' Medical Advisory Council (MAC)


For recent news bulletins on Quality Improvement, see ESRD Bulletins.  Scroll down to the index of CATEGORIES in the right-hand column for more specific topics.

For more information, see the Network's archived former website.

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