CMS 2744 Annual Facility Survey

The CMS-2744 Annual Facility Survey is completed annually by all dialysis and transplant facilities and summarizes dialysis and transplant activity for a calendar year. The survey includes a summary of the calendar year admissions and discharges, treatments, staffing and vocational rehabilitation. All Medicare Certified Dialysis Facilities use CROWNWeb to complete the survey.
Please use the following tools to assist you with completing the 2019 CMS-2744. You can also click the CROWNWeb Appointment link below to schedule a 30 minute one-on-one appointment with Network staff.

 CROWNWeb Appointments

Network 16 CMS-2744 (Annual Facility Survey) Introduction

Finalizing your CMS-2744

Network CMS-2744 Guides

Resources from CMS for completing the CMS-2744 (Annual Facility Survey)

Resources from for completing the CMS-2744 (Annual Facility Survey)

CMS 2744 Annual Survey Demonstrations


How to Generate a CMS 2744
How to Access CMS 2744 Excel Reports
How to Sort and Filter CMS 2744 Excel Reports
How to Correct CMS-2744 Warning - Fields 03 vs. 26

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