Data, Information Management, and CROWNWeb

Northwest Renal Network...

  • Assists facilities with CMS forms 2728, 2746, and 2744
  • Provides support, training, and resources for QIMS and CROWNWeb
  • Facilitates understanding and use of CMS data systems
  • Supports data requests from facilities and Medicare Advantage insurance providers
  • Maintains a private roster of facility services and personnel
  • Supports the Network's QI activities
  • Responds to queries from stakeholders about the state of ESRD treatment (subject to CMS approval and funding)

The menus at left introduce...

  • CROWNWeb
  • CMS Forms 2728 and 2746
  • CMS Form 2744 Annual Facility Survey
  • Facility and Personnel Roster Update
  • Support for QIP Processes
  • NHSN
  • Modality Reports

Page updated January 13, 2014