FAQ - Network Council/Facility Representative

What is the Network Council? The Social Security Act, Section 1881 (C)-(c)(1)(A)(i)- designated “network administrative organizations” which, in accordance with regulations of the Secretary, included establishment of a “network council of renal dialysis and transplant facilities located in the area.” Each Network may have different processes in place regarding who constitutes the Council membership as well as their roles, but all Networks must adhere to the basic regulations. The complete Social Security Act, which includes information on Medicare coverage, the patient registry, Networks and providers, is located online.

Who are the members of this Network’s Council? Each Medicare-certified ESRD treatment facility in the Northwest Renal Network area has one representative to the Council. In addition, the Network Board of Directors may approve additional members of the Council. When the facility submits their facility roster to the Network, the person listed as the Facility Representative is considered their designated member of the Council. The facility must notify the Network if this person has changed.

What are the responsibilities of the Facility Representative? This role includes assisting the Network in identifying the ongoing needs of the renal community, and making recommendations to the Network on programs, activities and approaches to identified needs and issues. The Facility Representative also is the key person responsible for assuring their facility is participating with Network-directed goals and activities as required by the federal Conditions for Coverage (dialysis facilities) and Conditions for Participation (transplant centers) regulations. If a facility is out of compliance with Network activities, the facility representative will be the recipient of Network communications regarding this situation. The Facility Representative also casts the facility vote for the Network Board of Directors elections.

How can Council members give input to the Network? The Network receives ongoing feedback from council members via their phone and email contacts with Network staff. Starting in 2007, the Network implemented an annual process of sending a voluntary input form to Network Council members. The Network is here as a resource and asset to you, your staff and patients. Please feel free to contact the Network about anything.

What types of assistance can the Network provide to Council members and others? Network staff members are qualified in their respective fields and the Network is available to provide technical and educational assistance to the community on a variety of subjects.