Emergency Preparedness for Staff

Emergency facility closures


The CMS manual on Emergency Preparedness for Facilties 

Kidney Care in Emergencies Brochure

Customizable forms and form letters that you can use to contact your local Disaster Preparedness officials and many other purposes (appendices to an earlier edition of the document above) can be found here.

The Kidney Community Emergency Response Coalition (KCER), was created to support CMS and the ESRD community. Its mission is to raise public awareness, promote and disseminate tools and resources, test and refine national strategies, and plan for the possibility of pandemic influenza.

Northwest Renal Network’s collection of KCER Coalition Resources and Disaster Response, including links to NKF and ANNA resources, can be viewed as a PDF .

The menus at left summarize...

  • The Role of the Network in an Emergency
  • What If a Disaster Happens Here
  • Four Preparedness Keys

KCER Terrorism Preparedness Resource

For recent news bulletins on Emergency Preparedness for Staff , see http://nwrnbulletins.wordpress.com/category/facility-staff/emergency-preparedness-staff/ .  Scroll down to the index of CATEGORIES in the right-hand column for more specific topics.

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