Resource Material/Description Brief Description
Inserting Your Own Needles Web site with information encouraging patients to cannulate themselves
Just the Facts: Vascular Access Adobe PDF with information on patient education on access
Sample Self-Cannulation Adobe PDF with information for patients on the steps for self-cannulation either in-center or at home
Squeeze Ball Songs for Fistula Development Web site with lyrics of humorous songs for patients to sing while exercising fistulas
Using the Buttonhole Technique for your AV Fistula
Adobe PDF question-answer brochure on the buttonhole technique. Available in English, Spanish, and Russian
Vascular Access for Hemodialysis Web site with comprehensive information on all access types, what to expect during hemodialysis, possible complications, and taking care of your access
What's Your Access-Ability
Adobe PDF with information that assists patients in understanding the
different types of vascular access and the signs and symptoms of infections. Available in English and Spanish
Vascular Access Educational Resources
Archived network web site
Same from the Fistula First Breakthrough Initiative website

List of patient education material on vascular access from the Network's former website