Introduction to Dialysis

In the seven-minute video below called Dialysis Saves Lives, four dialysis patients, aged 9-70, talk about their experiences, including their fears at being diagnosed, their treatment routines, and the ultimate realization that they can still lead normal, productive lives.

A series of three-minute Life Options movies introduce various aspects of dialysis...

  • Let's Talk about Fistulas helps dialysis patients understand why replacing a hemodialysis catheter with a fistula is so important
  • Let's Talk about Dialysis Options helps you understand what type of dialysis fits your lifestyle
  • Let's Talk about Fluids helps you engineer your dialysis regimen to maximize your experience
  • Let's Talk about Getting Enough Dialysis helps you understand how important dialysis is to your quality of life

The movies are in English or Spanish, can be streamed to a PC or a mobile device, and DVD versions are also available.

Here's a list of "Terms You Should Know" prepared by the American Association of Kidney Patients, recommended by the Network's Patient Advisory Committee.


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Page updated February 17, 2015