Comagine ESRD Network 16 is committed to working with our community partners to drive quality improvement and create a better healthcare system so that people and communities will flourish. As a community coalition member, you join a diverse group playing a vital role in driving health care outcomes.

To Volunteer:  Comagine ESRD Coalition Interest Form

What is a Community Coalition?  Community Coalitions function as bodies of stakeholders within a community who collaborate and share knowledge and resources to drive quality improvement. They:

  • Are dedicated to defining a healthcare issue within the designated community and producing root cause analysis to identify areas for improvement
  • Commit to working as a group to achieve quantitative aims, and implement actions designed to improve healthcare outcomes within the community
  • Are community driven and empower the community to be involved in their health care and health care choices
  • Form connections and build a strong community framework dedicated to driving quality improvement and providing sustainable solutions 

Current ESRD Community Coalitions:

  • Home Dialysis Coalition
  • Kidney Transplant Coalition
  • Vaccination Coalition
  • Depression Coalition
  • Patient and Family Engagement Coalition
  • Reduce Hospitalizations Coalition

Who should be a member?  Community Coalitions should be made up of the unique, diverse, and engaged voices that represent our local communities and are dedicated agents of change. This includes engaged patients and/or caregivers and family members, transplant and dialysis facility staff, and community partners in related fields and organizations. 

  • Patients, family members of patients, and caregivers
  • Dialysis facility staff (local and regional)
  • Nephrologists
  • Primary care practitioners
  • Mental health experts (psychologists, psychiatrists, licensed therapists, universities)
  • Transplant center staff (local and regional)
  • Transplant surgeons
  • Living donation organization representative
  • Organ Procurement (OPO) representative
  • Nursing home staff
  • Experts and high performers in the area of focus
  • Anyone else interested in improving the lives of ESRD patients

What do we do?  As a community coalition member, you:

  • Contribute resources, talents and skills in support of the quality improvement goals
  • Serve as the voice for your community and/or profession
  • Participate in Community Coalition meetings

To Volunteer:  Comagine ESRD Coalition Interest Form