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Pursuant to CMS regulation, the ESRD Network 18 Board of Directors must include:

  • Representatives from a variety of healthcare settings, not to exceed 20 total members;
  • At least one consumer representative;
  • A membership under which at least two-thirds of its members are independent and have not been compensated by the Network within the last year for non-Network Board services;
  • A membership of which officers comprise no more than 20 percent;
  • A cap of six (6) years of consecutive service, with a possible exemption of one (1) member when the board consists of 1-5 members and an exemption of two (2) members with the board consisting of 6-10 members. No Network Board member shall exceed nine (9) consecutive years of service; and
  • Reimbursement for all reasonable travel expenses incurred by the member in connection with attending a meeting. For purposes of the reimbursement of travel expenses, “reasonable expenses” shall be determined by the Corporation in accordance with the General Services Administration’s regulations. A member who attends a meeting by electronic communications shall not be entitled to receive any travel expense reimbursement for that meeting.

The composition of Network 16 Board of Directors, Medical Review Board, and Patient Advisory Commitee is as follows:

Board of Directors        
Name Position Date of Appointment Length of Appointment Affiliation
Katrina Russell, RN, CNN Chair     Dialysis Consulting Group
Faye Wong, RN, CNN Vice Chair, Secretary     DaVita
William Penrose, MBA Treasurer     DaVita Healthcare Partners
Louis Cotterell, MD Member     Rockwood Clinic
Robert Gordon, MSW Member     Dialysis Clinics Inc
Pan Keech, MD Member     PSKC and OPKC
Jessie Pavlinac, MS, RD, CSR, LD Member     OHSU
Nancy Colobong-Smith, MN, ARNP, CNN Member     UWMC
John Stivelman, MD MRB Chair     UW & NKC
Troyce Crucchiola PAC Member     PAC
Roger Gravgaard PAC Member     PAC


Medical Review Board      
Name Position Term Starting Affiliation
John Stivelman, MD Chair   NKC & UW
Jesse Pavlinac, MS, RD, CSR, LD Vice-Chair   OHSU
Suhail Ahmad, MD Member   UW & NKC
Nancy Colobong-Smith, MN, ARNP, CNN Member   UW
Louis Cotterell, MD Member   Rockwood Clinic
Pam Keech, MD Member   PSKC & OPKC
William Lombard, MD Member   DaVita Mt Baker
Michael Mace, MSW, LICSW Member   FMC & PAC
Gary Moore Member   PAC
Raj Munshi, MD Member   Seattle Childrens
Ann M. O'Hara, MD, MA Member   UW & VA
Nancy Pierce, RSN, RN, CNN Member   ANNA
Leanna Tyshler, MD Member   NKC
Nadyanandh Vadival, MD Member   Swedish Transplant
Laura Vaughan, MSW, LICSW Member   DaVita Mt Baker
Katy Wilkins, MS, RD Member   NKC


Patient Advisory Committee        
Name Position Modality State Term Starting
Robin Blomberg   ICH WA  
JoAnn Brady-Armstrong   Transplant WA  
John Carter   ICH ID  
Judy Clark   HHD WA  
Kisha Cox   ICH OR  
Bob Crabtree   Transplant WA  
Troyce Crucchiola   ICH OR  
Patricia Danielson   ICH OR  
Roger Gravgaard   Transplant MT  
Jay Jacinto   HPD WA  
Alton Jones   ICH ID  
Kimberly Kelly   HPD OR  
Robert Klee   HPD WA  
Gloria Little   ICH OR  
Frankie Mabry   Transplant AK  
Michael Mace   Transplant WA  
Adrian Miller   Transplant WA  
Gary Moore   HPD AK  
Yolanda Moor   Care Partner AK  
Donald Morgan   Transplant ID  
Anthony Olson   HHD MT  
Robert Phillips   ICH OR  
Nancy Hewitt Spaeth   Transplant WA  
Dennis Vanderpool   ICH WA  

Appointments of board members will occur at the expiration of a present member’s term.  The number of appointments may vary each year.

ESRD Network 16 recognizes the importance of maintaining an environment founded on the core principals of integrity, honesty, and respect.  This kind of environment, one in which ethical responsibility is of the utmost importance, directly contributes to our continued success in the healthcare services industry.  ESRD Network 16 has a long standing, deep commitment to conducting business ethically, morally, and within the bounds of the law. The Compliance Program remains an outgrowth of this commitment.

You Can Make a Difference in the Lives of Kidney Patients!

How to Volunteer for Network 18 Boards and Committees

ESRD Network 16 strives to improve the quality of care and quality of life for all Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington ESRD patients.  Renal professionals play a key role in meeting this goal.  To be successful, the Network utilizes the service of more than 40 professional and patient volunteers to serve on its Board of Directors (BOD), Medical Review Board (MRB), Patient Advisory Committee (PAC), and Network Council (NC).

In general, the Network is looking for potential candidates who have demonstrated a commitment to improving the quality and experience of care for ESRD patients and a desire to participate in one of the Network’s Boards or Committees.  Candidates may include patients, care partners, administrators, nephrologists, vascular surgeons, transplant surgeons, nephrology nurses, transplant nurses, social workers, registered dietitians, and patient care technicians from Network 16 ESRD facilities.  Both adult and pediatric specialty professionals are encouraged to apply.

Patients and providers interested in volunteering for committees are encouraged to submit an Expression of Interest Form [link?].  Vacancies and term limits vary depending upon the Board or Committee.  Members will be reimbursed for travel and expenses.

The Network will consider a wide range of factors in filling volunteer positions, including but not limited to expertise, knowledge, facility affiliation, geographic region, and diversity.

In deciding whether or not you may wish to express your interest in serving Network 16, we ask that you carefully consider the following responsibilities:

  • Regularly attend meetings; both in-person and via teleconference
  •         BOD – 4 meetings per year either virtually or in-person
  •         MRB – 1 in-person and 3 virtual meetings per year; occasional ad hoc meetings
  •         PAC – 1 in-person and 3 virtual meetings per year
  •         NC – 1 in-person and 2 virtual meetings per year per year
  • Participate actively in Board/Committee work
  • Volunteer for and accept assignments as needed
  • Prepare for meetings and remain informed about the Network’s mission, services, policies, and programs
  • Assist the Board/Committee in carrying out its individual responsibilities
  • Follow conflict of interest and confidentiality policies

A brief summary of the Network 16 volunteer roles follows.

Board of Directors

  • Review contractual and financial performance of the Network’s administrative staff in meeting contract deliverables and requirements as well as responding to CMS requests;
  • Oversee the Internal Quality Control program;
  • Review and approve the Annual Report prior to submission to the CMS Contracting Officer Representative; and
  • Review and approve any recommendations from the Medical Review Board to sanction ESRD facilities (prior to submission to CMS).

Medical Review Board   

  • Serve as an advisory panel on the care and appropriate placement of patients with ESRD receiving dialysis in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Alaska;
  • Serve as the primary advisory panel for all Network 16 quality improvement activities, including the analyses of local data on the Clinical Performance Measures and for ESRD grievances;
  • Assist staff in the development, implementation, and evaluation of quality improvement projects; and
  • Participate in onsite visits to assess current status of providers that are under focused review and/or sanction consideration.

Patient Advisory Committee

  • Assist in identifying barriers to obtaining quality health care from all perspectives on behalf of ESRD beneficiaries;
  • Assist with the development of educational models for patients via website, newsletter, or teleconference;
  • Review and make recommendations regarding beneficiary-related health care messages, materials, and activities planned by the Network; and
  • Provide feedback on effectiveness of Network 16’s beneficiary-related activities and assist the Network in recruiting other beneficiaries to obtain their perspectives.

    Network Council
  • Provide input into the activities of the Network and serve as a liaison between the Network and the provider community;
  • Assist in identifying the on-going needs of the renal communities in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington;
  • Make recommendations on programs, activities, and approaches to address the renal community’s needs and issues; and
  • Generate ideas for new activities and approaches, and engaging renal partners in existing Network activities.

Anyone interested in being considered for a volunteer position with the Network BOD, MRB, PAC, or NC is encouraged to call the Network directly at (206) 923-0714 or toll-free at (800) 262-1514 (patients only).  If you have any questions, please contact Stephanie Hutchinson, Executive Director at (206) 923-0714.