About the Network

Network 16 is one of 18 Networks under contract with CMS to work collaboratively with dialysis professionals, providers and patients to improve patient care.  According to Title XVIII Section 1881 of the Social Security Act requires each Network Organization of each network be responsible for:

  • Encouraging, consistent with sound medical practice, the use of the treatment settings most compatible with the successful rehabilitation of the patient and the participation of patients, providers of services, and renal disease facilities in vocational rehabilitation programs;
  • Developing criteria and standards relating to the quality and appropriateness of patient care and with respect to working with patients, facilities, and providers in encouraging participation in vocational rehabilitation programs; and network goals with respect to the placement of patients in self-care settings and undergoing or preparing for transplantation;
  • Evaluating the procedure by which facilities and providers in the Network assess the appropriateness of patients for proposed treatment modalities;
  • Implementing a procedure for evaluating and resolving patient grievances;
  • Conducting on-site reviews of facilities and providers as necessary, utilizing standards of care established by the Network Organization to assure proper medical care;

Network 16 operates in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington.

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Page updated April 19, 2021